What's accreditation?

Have you ever browsed our API, our Roblox Games, or any other of our services and discovered accreditation, and wondered what it is? Today, we'll answer your question (& tell you how to get some).

So, what is it even?

Accreditation is a number from 0 to 100 (although technically maxed at 128) that ranks which actions you're allowed to perform on MeaxisNetwork. While most public-facing actions on MeaxisNetwork are public, some actions require that you have a minimum level of accreditation (for instance, moderating users, or reading reports). 

As such, all titles have an accreditation linked to them. The accreditation displayed on your profile will be the accreditation of your highest title. The higher the accreditation - the more actions you'll be able to perform.

How do I get it?

Accreditation can only be obtained through titles, and titles can only be obtained if you serve a specific position in MeaxisNetwork. If you're a Roblox Player, you can join our Discord Server to attend MeaxisNetwork Police training sessions to gain accreditation. You can also apply through the different application pages we offer.

Once I got it, can I lose it?

If you lose your title, you will subsequently lose accreditation. Accreditation is something very precious that you have to deserve to keep.

T.L.D.R: In a few words?

Accreditation is a permission ranking on MeaxisNetwork. It's obtained through titles and is, subsequently, attached to said titles.

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