I've lost access to my authentication app!

Sometimes, a lot of security is... too much security. What you originally set up as a gate against hackers and other malicious actors is now a gate against... you! But fear not, for recovering from this misstep is possible.

I've got a linked phone number to my account

You can recover your account through a linked phone number. Contact us, and we'll send you a code at that phone number. We'll also require a code on your e-mail.

I still have a device with my account on it

You will be able to disable two-factor authentication from this device. Your password may be required for this operation!

I am a verified user, a partner or an employee

You may be in touch with a representative from MeaxisNetwork as part of your partnership or verification. Please get in touch with your representative as they are accredited to reset your two-factor authentication if they can certify your identity themselves.

Resetting the two-factor authentication of a child account


In very rare cases, you might be the owner of a "child account"! If that's the case, congratulations, you can directly access the account from the parent account and disable two-factor authentication after logging in.

Neither of those worked for me

We're sorry, but we can't really help you further from here. Try opening a ticket anyways, we'll always try to go the extra mile to avoid the inconvenience of having you create a new account.

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