Why did my message get turned into tags?

Let's put ourselves in a situation: you're talking to someone on a MeaxisNetwork Service, minding your business, and suddenly, out of a MeaxisNetwork-colored chat, flash, bam, alakazam! Your message's original form disappears under your eyes and gets replaced with tags (or with the word "[removed]"). We'll go over why that happened.

Why tags here?

Why not tags here? What are tags? Where is here? Why am I here? Who am I to judge why the tags are there? Maybe if the ta- enough.

MeaxisNetwork uses its own custom auto-moderation system commonly called "The Filter". Every time you post something on MeaxisNetwork, whether it be on our Discord Server, our Roblox Games or on our websites directly, our system will pass your text through this filter. Then, depending on when you've posted it, the following will happen:

MeaxisNetwork Websites The content will ALWAYS get filtered and inappropriate words will be replaced with tags.
Roblox Games Additionally to the Roblox filter, the content will always get filtered and inappropriate words will be replaced with tags.
Main MeaxisNetwork Discord channels (#general...) The message will get deleted, then reposted by a webhook pretending to be you (using your MeaxisNetwork.net name and MeaxisNetwork.net profile picture) with the filtered words.
Rest of the MeaxisNetwork Discord channels The message will get deleted, and Force will repost your message mentioning the filtering, the original author and the new message after filtering

I said the word "class" and yet I got filtered - how?!

Sometimes, the filter will match inappropriate words to regular words. In the example of the word "class", you will find the word "ass" in "class". As such, the filter will either delete your message (because "class" is too close to "ass" and it suspects a bypass attempt) or it will output something like "cl###". You can report incorrect filterings to us, and we'll try to fix them.

I got warned for "Not respecting MeaxisNetwork Guidelines" - what?!

When the filter catches you saying something very inappropriate (whether it be one word or a combo of inappropriate words), the filter will automatically warn you for exhibiting inappropriate behaviour.

Using our previous example of ass-class before, saying the sentence "I'm going to class today, I'll meet all of my classmates and I'll even get to talk to the class representative! Class is sure going to be fun because I like my classmates a lot!", the filter could pick it up as you trying to severely violate our Guidelines, and as such, warn you.

Wrong auto-warns can be reported to us for appeal by creating a new ticket!

Help, I got terminated for saying something I shouldn't have!

Open a ticket, we'll help you. There is a very slim chance the filter believes you're violating so many rules at a time it terminates you! We'll solve that for you.

I've got too many questions, yet no answers. Where do I ask?!

Opening a ticket's the place to ask! We'll always be willing to help.

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