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This is 2022. The world is connected. Everything is connected. And you want your accounts to be connected too, as to go faster & unlock some awesome features on MeaxisNetwork! Here's a complete guide on how to link your different accounts with your MeaxisNetwork Account.

Connecting with Discord

You can link your Discord account in the "Connections" section of the account manager. You'll have to allow us access to your username, e-mail & servers. We use those permissions in the following ways:

  • Username, Avatar, Banner: Those are basic permissions that we should access to get your Discord username to show it on the accounts page.
  • E-mail address: We will automatically add this e-mail address to your account if it's verified, to make your MeaxisNetwork experience faster. No spam, only password resets (unless you decide otherwise on your account settings!)
  • View your servers: We use this permission to give you a reward if you've joined our Discord server or our partners' Discord servers. We also use this to undermine spam & guidelines violations (such as deleting accounts that come from servers that have serve the purpose of harming MeaxisNetwork)
  • Join servers for youWe use this permission to enable 1-click server joins. We do NOT use this permission without your express consent and we never will. This permission will only be used when you click a button yourself.

Connecting with Google

As of today, you cannot link your Google account to your MeaxisNetwork account unless you've registered through Google. We're working on it, though!

Connecting with Roblox

Linking your Roblox account is easy & fast: only 3 easy steps separate you from that sweet sweet identity card!

Step 1: Getting to the right place

Visit the "Connections" section of the account manager, and find "Roblox". Click "Edit" (or "Connect") once you've found the matching button.

Step 2: What's your name?

Give us your Roblox Username. Please note that the username differs from the display name and that we only recognize usernames

Step 3: Proving you're you

As to make sure you're actually who you claim to be, you'll have to insert a sequence of words in your Roblox description. Once you've inserted that word sequence, you'll immediately be able to remove it from your profile & keep your description neat and clean.

(Optional) Step 4: Enjoy the benefits!

You can now visit MeaxisNetwork Roblox games & enjoy the benefit of having an identity card and see your titles synchronized in our Roblox experiences.

Connecting with Twitter

Linking through Twitter is simple: visit the "Connections" section of the account manager, click "Edit" on the Twitter section and authorize us on the Twitter website. 

While we request writing permissions on Twitter, we will never change anything or post anything without your consent. Every change comes with direct interaction from you, and you can revoke us at any time if you feel uncomfortable with those permissions!

The search for connections continues...

We're constantly thinking of implementing new account connections - that aren't from Meta - into the MeaxisNetwork! Feel free to suggest new account connection ideas in the community tab or by opening a ticket in the "Products" category!

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