Help, I've lost my password!

After 18 login attempts, you've given up: you've definitely forgotten your password. But no need to panic and pay 20 dollars to a guy so that he can recover it for you (that's a true story), you can do it yourself!

Resetting your password

MeaxisNetwork does not currently offer an automated resetting password function. However, our friendly support agents are here to assist you in getting a new password!

Contacting support

To get help with a password reset, visit our support page and open a ticket. Once you open a ticket there, a support agent will either ask you for:

  •  Your e-mail address, at which you will receive a 6-digit code
  • A two-factor authentication code from your authentication app
  • Your safety question's exact answer
  • A code from the website

Once you've provided us with one of those three, we'll go straight ahead and give you a new password. This password is temporary and must immediately be changed once you recover your account.

Other means of proving your identity

There are no other means of proving your identity to MeaxisNetwork support. Using a social media account (such as Roblox, Discord or Google) are not ways to prove your identity. However, you may use them to log in to your account and grab a code from MeaxisNetwork there.

Partner accounts, employee accounts & verified accounts

You may be in touch with a representative from MeaxisNetwork as part of your partnership or verification. Please get in touch with your representative as they are accredited to reset your password if they can certify your identity themselves.

Resetting the password of a child account

In very rare cases, you might be the owner of a "child account"! If that's the case, congratulations, you can directly access the account from the parent account and change the password after logging in and grabbing a code from the website.

I've got no e-mail address, no two-factor authentication, no security question and I lost full access to my account - can you help me?

Sorry, but we will not be able to help you further if that is the case. You may create a new account after attempting social logins.