(Legacy) How to collect my MeaxisNetwork Salary?

  STARTING APRIL 1ST, 2022: SALARIES ARE NOT PAID THE TRADITIONAL WAY ANYMORE, AND WILL INSTEAD BE PAID BASED ON YOUR RECORDED PERFORMANCE (through devices such as the Aures Activity Scanner or directly from your superiors/work inspectors). This article is therefore NOT VALID ANYMORE and we invite you to get in touch with your superior to learn how your salary will now be paid out. Thank you!


You are a motivated worker, you've gone through thick & thin, and finally, here comes that blessed time of the month, the 25th! You can finally claim your salary for this month and get rewarded for your hard work!

But before jumping on the "create ticket" button, there are a few things to know!

When do I get a salary after working?

MeaxisNetwork opens requests for salaries on the 25th of each month, and closes them a few days later, usually on the 28th. That means your ticket must be opened in that timeframe, or it will be denied.

Please note: as the salaries are paid monthly, it means that we will pay you only for the work you've done during a certain timeframe. You are eligible for salaries for every task you've completed before the 25th of this month but after the 24th of last month.

Example: When opening a salary request on February 26th, you will be eligible to claim salary for all the tasks you've done from January 25th (included) to February 25th.

In what currency are paid salaries?

First of all, let's talk currency. When you claim your salary, we will usually ask you for your preferred currency. While we try to meet requests on the best possible basis, some eligibility criteria apply. By default, all salaries are calculated in U₵, which stands for Universal Currency. We then convert this amount to a payable currency (Litums, MNP, Robux, Euro...) and we communicate the amount to you.

Here is the list of available currencies & their eligibility requirements:

MeaxisNetwork Points 100/1 U₵ Opting-in the Points system at the Points page.
Litums (former MNP) 1/1 U₵ No requirements
Robux 1/1 U₵ Linking your Roblox & MeaxisNetwork account together, along with being in the eligibility criteria set by the Robux Payment Terms.
Euro 1/0.0025 U₵

Only titles of the MeaxisNetwork Department of Administration are eligible. A PayPal e-mail address is required, along with a human-verified account with the Plus upgrade.

So, how much am I getting?

While we cannot give you a precise estimate, please visit the page outlining the maximum caps for salaries along with your Work panel for estimates. 

Please note: any amount displayed on the work panel is NOT definitive and does not engage MeaxisNetwork until you receive a salary confirmation on a salary ticket.

How does it work?

For the salary duration of December 25th 2021 ~ January 25th 2022, we will not be forcing the use of support tickets to accompany salary forms as we will be improving our systems!

Please fill out the current salary form, that you can find at https://mnrd.ml/salary-form. Once you have filled it, open a ticket on the "employees" category of the Helpdesk. People that do not open a ticket will not be paid.

Once you have filled this form, wait 3-4 days after the closure date. Someone at the Administration department will reply to this form with your salary. Once you receive this salary, you have two days to accept the salary (and provide the required information) or to contest it. 

Any unclaimed and uncontested salaries will be voided 2 days after they were sent.


And that's it, now, you're an Earnings Expert... or should I say, a Wage Winner... or perhaps, a Compensation Commander... or a Salary Saver! Either way, you probably know enough that you won't need additional help. But if you do, you can always open a ticket on the "employees" category of the Helpdesk.

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