The MeaxisNetwork Mascot

You might've seen that robot-like figure on MeaxisNetwork Services, but never knew what he was or what he stands for. Well, meet the MeaxisNetwork mascot, the cute little robot that represents MeaxisNetwork.

So, who's that guy?

That guy's name is actually Force. He's the friendly-looking version of the MeaxisNetwork logo, meant to represent either MeaxisNetwork itself, or an interactive MeaxisNetwork system (such as the Administration, for instance).

Why the robot? 

Usually, we'll use this icon as a way to convey that interaction is possible. Hence, we needed a human-like figure, but not too human as to not confuse (since the interaction might be automatic!). That's why we went for a robot.

Wait, why are there other robots?

We've provided alternate versions of the robot (usually changed colours) to convey different features. For instance, the mail robot is red, to convey that it's not an interaction, but rather a message.  
Fun fact: The Mail Robot is called Mailman, as a reference to the first name of the Custom Feed feature.

How do I know which's official?

Usually, the robot will appear with a red-coloured title, such as Administrative Bot or Safety System. If you are looking for precise user IDs, please find the official list here:

Administrator, Admin, or MeaxisNetwork Blue Administrative Bot with user ID -1 The official administration account, meant to represent MeaxisNetwork on records.
Mailman Red Administrative Bot with user ID 50 The account that holds the notifications for your or emails, or other messages (such as Custom Feed).


If you doubt an account is official, don't hesitate to open a ticket under the "Other" category and ask us about it!

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