I can't chat in the MeaxisNetwork Discord, help!

MeaxisNetwork has an objective to keep the MeaxisNetwork Discord a safe place. As such, sometimes, you should face restrictions that prevent you from talking there. Let's go over the common causes of that.

Filter takedowns

Our automated content filter may delete or edit your messages based on words disallowed on MeaxisNetwork. Also view: Why did my message get turned into tags?

Active moderation actions

Your account may be under an active moderation action (warning, terminations)... Please check MeaxisNetwork.net for any active violations. You may not be able to chat up to 5 minutes after the violation has been cleared off.

And, if that doesn't work

Sometimes, things just break! If you've got no active moderation actions and it's seemingly not a filter problem, we invite you to contact our support team for further help. 

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