Why are some features restricted to me?

You're here because one of our error messages probably blocked you from using a feature. Let's try to see what's causing that!

Identify the error code

First, let's start by identifying the error code. It's the last part of the error message, and starts with E. It's formatted "EX10YY" (or "EXX10YY"), with X being letters and Y being numbers.

Error code EG1002

Gotta go fast! Our servers are limiting the amount of times you can use a certain feature as to avoid bots or spamming. You'll have to wait a bit, sorry!

Error code EA1000

Before continuing, you need to log-in to a MeaxisNetwork Account.

Error code EA1001

Your account is either restricted, either under protection.

Error code EA1042

You have been manually blocked from performing this operation by a MeaxisNetwork Employee.

Anything else?

Well, seems like we went over the common causes. It's time to open a ticket so we can help you with your problem.

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