My anti-virus flagged RobloxRPC: did you just try to hack me?

Well, I'm sorry to disappoint, but I'm not a hacker. My job is to provide enhanced Rich Presence to people, not take away their riches! But your anti-virus might dislike what I do anyway, and that's fine. Let's see why.

So... it's not a virus?

Absolutely not! There are a few reasons your anti-virus flagged RobloxRPC as a virus, but no worries are to be had. Let's go over those reasons.

File edits

Our executable writes three files to your computer: (unique machine identifier to MeaxisNetwork Server), (your key, or your account logcook) and (which is a debug value.

The three are plain-text files that only contain ~64 characters each. But to an anti-virus, programs that write files are sometimes dangerous! As such, we might've got flagged for that.


As RobloxRPC is new, its novelty of it might scare your antivirus! We're a new program, and as we aren't really full of income, we can't really afford a certificate to sign every EXE/DMG release, and as such, your anti-virus will not recognize our EXEs. 

It's not us, it's you?

You might've downloaded an EXE/DMG from an untrustworthy source! Make sure to use our official EXEs from our home page only!

We provide no warranty, support or SLA for any EXEs or DMGs downloaded outside of Stay safe, people!

How can I help prevent this?

If you're simply looking to use RobloxRPC, then whitelisting the file in your anti-virus settings will be enough. But if you feel like helping us look more trustworthy to new users, here are the things to do:

Report a false positive to your antivirus

That's the most help you can give! Go to your antivirus website or software, and report us as a false positive.

Review us on Trustpilot (or any similar websites)

After using our software enough, why not leave a review on our TrustPilot page? This way, you can tell people about how much you liked (or disliked?) our software and tool, in general.

Tell your friends about us!

The more people using our software, the less anti-virus will attack it. So... try to get people to use our software and bless them with the magic of instant Discord joining?!

In conclusion?

No, we're not a virus. We're just a new program that the anti-virus prefers to be safe about. Whitelist us, and maybe flag us as a false positive if you feel like it? 

We hope this article helped! If you've got any questions (or need help with anything), feel free to open a ticket!

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