How does RobloxRPC work?

Two software for... one tool? What? Let's take a dive into how RobloxRPC works, so as to not confuse your minds.

Okay so, which do I install? Extension or executable?

Both. You install... both! The two communicate with each other through a link key. The point of link keys is for the two to communicate with each other, actually! Each serves a different role in getting that sweet rich presence to display. Let's see why!

The Executable (Desktop Client)

This small-yet-strong executable is in charge of everything that's going to display in Discord and in your PC. Whether it's saving your configuration, communicating to Discord your current status, or handling join invites, the Desktop Client's here!

The Browser Extension

The browser extension is in charge of getting everything on the Roblox side of things. As to avoid asking you for your ROBLOSECURITY and to ensure it shows your presence 100% of the time, the client will send requests to Roblox in your name.

For transparency's sake, here's the endpoints (& functions) the client might call:

Endpoint Why???

Detects presence changes on your Roblox account as to make sure that we can see the game you're currently playing (this will bypass "Friends Only" and "No One" visibility status)

Roblox.GameLauncher.joinGameInstance('placeId', 'jobId')

This is the function that lets us launch a game for you when you join a friend through a "Play" button on Discord. PlaceId and JobId here are the IDs provided by your friend's Rich Presence.

We'll never do anything with your .ROBLOSECURITY (we don't even have it, in fact!) without your permission. Your .ROBLOSECURITY is NOT stored in our servers, and it's all kept safe in your computer.

Is that all really necessary?

Yes! Otherwise, most of our features would break:

- Without the Chrome Extension, we'd not be able to see which game you're playing unless you set your join accessibility to "Everyone" (which most people don't want to do).

- Without the Executable, goodbye "Join"/"Ask to join" buttons.

We understand that all of this might make your experience slightly more difficult, but we're always open to suggestions on how to make it better. See:

And that's how this article concludes! Thank you for reading through, we hope this helped!


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