Content Rating in MeaxisNetwork

MeaxisNetwork offers a built-in content rating system on MeaxisNetwork. This article will guide you over the different choices you have when self-rating your content, and the different types of rating.

How does content rating work?

All content on the MeaxisNetwork Marketplace must receive a rating before appearing on the Marketplace. The content can be rated by either:

  • The Author: the author can have selected the rating themselves based on their own view of the content. MeaxisNetwork does not check if the rating is correct before allowing content.
  • MeaxisNetwork: MeaxisNetwork may change the rating of a certain content after reports that the content may have been mis-rated. If we recieve enough reports that a content has not been rated correctly, a content moderator may change the rating.

The author of the rating is clearly indicated near the rating, either with the term "Author Rating" or "Moderator Rating", with a link to this support article.

The different content ratings

MeaxisNetwork Content Rating System

The "Adults" (A) rating

This rating indicates the user that the content features text, images or other media that may not be seen as children. While this content rating exists for certain content such as extreme gore, it is reminded that the MeaxisNetwork Community Guidelines must always be respected.

The "Everyone" (E) rating

This rating indicates the user that the content can be seen and used by everyone without problems.

The "Kids" (K) rating

This rating indicates that the content is aimed at children. As such, the content is fit for almost everyone. However, it is crafted to be adapted to children instead of a general audience.

The "Parental Consent" (P) rating

This rating indicates parents of users that are under 18 that they should take a look at the content by themselves before allowing their children to use it. Your content may be restricted to children before their parents approve it when selecting that rating.

The "Teens" (T) rating

This rating indicates users that the content is fit for teens. It may feature occasional violence, profanity or slight inappropriateness, but not enough to fit in the "Adults" category. It is recommended for a parent to look at the content's marketplace page before deeming it is appropriate.

Other Content Ratings

At the request of the author or at the request of a local government, we may replace our own content rating system with the rating of a specific certification authority, such as PEGI or ESRB. We encourage you to check the website of the featured authority that should be included with the certification itself.

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